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Friday, February 18, 2011

First Man in Space

Title            :        First Man in Space

Character   :        Yuri Gagarin – the first Russian man to circle the Earth in a satellite spaceship on April 12, 1961.

Setting       :        On the space


          The spaceship took off.  The speed and noise did not disturb him.  He found himself in orbit.  His satellite spaceship was soon separated from the carrier rocket.  He experienced weightlessness.  At first, it was difficult to work.  But later, he got used to it, and he was able to work as they planned.  Objects inside the spaceship floated.  He did not sit on his chair because he also floated.  He ate and drank while in the state of weightlessness.  He took down his observation.  His handwriting did not change although his hand was weightless.  He cannot hold the notebook because it has floated away.  But his notebook was very important.  If he didn’t hold his notebook, it floated away.   He was in constant radio contact with people on Earth.  He did not see the moon.  The sun was ten times brighter than here on Earth.  The stars were very bright and their colors are red, white, and yellow.  He saw Russia and he passed The Balkans, Antarctic, Central Africa, Cape Horn, and also the Mediterranean.  He was the first man ever to see with his own eyes the spherical shape of the Earth.

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