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Friday, February 18, 2011

The Crow and the Dove

Title:           The Crow and the Dove

Author:      Gaudencio V. Aquino

          Crow – a white bird that was changed to black because of its bad attitude.
          Dove – a bird that become the symbol of purity for its sincerity and    dedication to duty
          Noah – the one who ordered the two birds if it is already safe to land.

Setting:      In Noah’s ark

          A long, long time ago Bathala punished the people on earth for their misdemeanors by means of great flood.  The flood waters swept the people’s houses away, and even those who climbed the trees or went to other high places were drowned.
          Fortunately, before the great flood came, Bathala ordered Noah, who was a good man, to build an ark where he, his companions, and some birds and animals could seek refuge when the flood would come.  Among the birds Noah took him to the ark were the crow and the dove.
          In those days the crow had a white color, the same as that of the dove.  Also, the crow had a sweet voice.
          Then the great flood came.  It lasted for many weeks.  There was destruction everywhere.  During all this time Noah and his human and animal companions stayed in the ark, safe and sound.
          After the flood had subsided Noah ordered the crow to fly out of the ark and out whether it was already safe to return to earth. Obeying Noah, the crow flew out of the ark and over the land.  The things that were seen by the crow made him sad.  For miles and miles around, he saw the dead bodies of human beings and animals.  Wanting to investigate further, the crow flew down and perched near the carcass of the dead horse.  Soon the crow felt the pangs of hunger, having flown a great distance.  So he took a bite, then another, and still another.  The crow next went to the carcass of another dead animal, and did the same thing.
          Noah waited and waited.  Soon he became impatient at the crow’s long absence.  He called the dove and ordered to go fly out of the ark and do two things for him.  First, find out what happened to the crow.  Second, find out whether it’s safe for them to land.
          The dove flew away at once.
          Observing very keenly, the dove saw with her own eyes the widespread destruction caused by the flood.  She saw countless dead bodies lying on the ground.  But she saw also that it was already safe to land.  She continued to fly in order to find out what happened to the crow.
          Just then the dove saw something moving on the land below.  Flying closer to take a better look, she saw the crow feasting on a dead body.  The dove did not waste a second, and immediately she flew in the direction of the ark.  Upon reaching the ark, she told Noah she had seen.  After a while the crow flew back, too.
          Noah was pleased with the dove’s sincerity and dedication to duty.  He praised the dove with nice words, saying that from that time on, the dove shall be the symbol of purity, loyalty, and peace.
          It was a different story with the crow.  With all his companions in the ark listening, Noah said that from that time on, the crow shall become black hoarse and unpleasant to hear.  He shall eat nothing but the foul-smelling carcass.  And he shall be disliked by both man and beast.
          Noah’s word came true.  The crow turned into black.  He became ugly, and his voice became hoarse and unpleasant to hear.  Whenever he speaks, all that he can say is “Uwak, Uwak, Uwak…”

Moral Lesson:
          We should be sincere and dedicated to our duty because for this we might be rewarded.  We should always obey the order of someone who knows what is good for us.

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